AdSense Complete Guide For 2019-2020

AdSense Complete Guide For 2019-2020

AdSense policy and guidelines for AdMob, blogger, YouTube, and WordPress website

hi and welcome back to the blog guys in this blog we are going to see AdSense complete guide for 2020 which has been provided in the official website and in this blog we are going to see it in an easier way and we are going to understand what are the policies and guidelines of AdSense on different product like YouTube Admob blogger and other WordPress sites we have different case study and we will see different aspects of AdSense on other products.

Guys, you know that AdSense give us permission to keep one AdSense for whole life and one individual should not have two or more at sense for himself so so you might have waste few problem in past like if you have any problem in your blog website then your AdMob account will also get suspended for your YouTube account now also get suspended so in this blog we are going to see in detail how we can keep our different Google products safe from getting suspended by Google.

You may Know that AdSense keeps on changing its policies on a yearly basis no we are going to see the current policies of AdSense and what you want to say how we can keep our AdSense safe from getting it suspended or if not then how we can't keep it safe from suspended so let's begin with the first situation

AdSense Complete Guide For 2019-2020
AdSense Complete Guide For 2019-2020 

Situation 1

If you are a blogger we are considering that you are an individual person you have many bloggers you have many e applications on AdMob and you have many YouTube channels so latest consider that you have one blocked website which is violating Google AdSense policy and you can't show ads on your blog website then what will happen to your other Google products don't worry guys two other Google products you will not find any effect only you will see the effect on your blog website or if you have many blocks then you can see the effect on your many blocks that means you can't show ads in any of your blog website.

Situation 2

Let us consider that you have a website in WordPress that means you have a fully approved AdSense account you have invested your money on hosting buying the domain name extra then what will happen if you violate the AdSense policy. if you have many Wordpress sites that are connected to AdSense and if any of the the website violet the Google AdSense policy then you can't connect the other websites to any e e other AdSense account because Google will know that it's your website because you have connected those websites before only in your old AdSense account and you have to be careful with your WordPress websites for connecting to AdSense. So no you I have a question like OK what will happen to your other Google products like YouTube and blogger because you have connected those product with your existing AdSense which violet the policy so it will ask you to reconnect the Google product with any other AdSense account it means you won't see any effect on other Google products accept WordPress websites you have to say bye to your all the WordPress websites which are connected to the existing AdSense

Situation number 3

If your YouTube channel gets monetization to disable then what will happen here we are not talking about at sense suspend but we are talking about YouTube channel monetization disable whereas if you have too many YouTube channels whereas one channel is violating the policy due to community guideline strike then what will happen to your other YouTube channels you don't have to be very because in the other YouTube channels you will not see any effect.

but if you get copyright strike on your YouTube channel then what will happen to other YouTube channel you will find that all your other YouTube channels will also get YouTube channel suspended because of copyright issue.

It's only due to copyright issue but not due to community guideline ok this must be e understood

You have to understand that due to copyright strike if your account YouTube account gets suspended then you can't create another YouTube channel in future if YouTube detects your face and recognize your face that you have created one more YouTube channel then that new YouTube channel will also get suspended and in future you can't create any YouTube channel.

Situation 4

If your AdSense gets suspended because of your YouTube channel what will happen.
if you have connected all your YouTube channel with one AdSense account and one of your YouTube accounts is suspended then all your other YouTube channel will also get suspended at the same time but if you have your blogger account then you can see no effect on your blogger account because it is and different you can add or you can connect your blogger account to some other AdSense account to earn from it.

Situation 5

What happens if your WordPress website connected AdSense get suspended where you have used your own hosting and domain and you got a fully hosted AdSense account. this WordPress website is connected to an AdSense account which is already connected to a YouTube channel and YouTube channel gets suspended then you can't help it out your AdSense account will be disabled and you can't further connect your WordPress website to any other Google AdSense account but if you have AdMob account that is connected to the same AdSense then you will have an option to reconnect that AdMob account to some else AdSense account it can be your friends and families AdSense account.

Situation 6

If your AdMob account gets suspended because of any e violation then what will happen to your WordPress site or your other Google products guys you can reconnect your Google AdSense account with AdMob and YouTube to other AdSense account but if you have a Wordpress site which is connected to the suspended at friends then you can't do anything ok to that WordPress site you have to start it again and you can't go to any other AdSense and connect that old suspended WordPress hide because Google had understood that it's your website and you can't reconnect it this is the problem faced by the WordPress website

I hope you have understood all the problem faced by different it product in AdSense and if you did not understand any part then you can read those points which you have not understood and I hope you like this blog and if you like this blog then please share with your friends and family to let them know how Google AdSense works no in 2019 and 2020.

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