How to make app in Thunkable

How to make an Android App without coding

Hi it's me, Sagar, here do you want to know how to make Android app in Thunkable in very simple stypes then please follow the given instruction I consider that you all are a beginner in app making and so to star earning form you app read the full blog to understand better and in an effective way.

How to make app in Thunkable
How to make an app in Thunkable 

Step 1

So in the 1st step, you have to go to google and search for in the search bar or you can click here and move in Thunkable website after redirecting in the website you will find it will ask you to log in, you can log in into Thunkable with simple steps you will find 2 ways to log in 
  1. Create an account with your e-mail id
  2. log in with your Google account

Step 2

Now you have created or login into Thunkable website and you will find that it has a very easy interface and you can make an app without coding and because of easy interface you can you Drag and Drop the element and make a clear navigation app and you can show your creativity in terms of design the app and selecting the app color.

Step 3

Let's see the tools and components of Thunkable through which we are going to make our app and these components are very important so you can design different applications and earn from it so let's begin from the first components don't below you may see some different images through which you can decide which component is used for what let's take a look

"Don't forget that you can't give any space between the app name because it's not a character so please remember this one while naming your application in Thunkable "

User interface

In this, in this component, you can find varieties of tools which you can use for your application to make it use better for your user experience and under this we have 17 different tools you can see the image here.

I can't explain you in-depth what are these tools meant for so you can refer my youtube video which is in the Hindi language if you are comfortable to understand Hindi then you can watch this video and get the knowledge of different tools.


This is a component which has different tools under it like the horizontal arrangement, horizontal scroll is arrangement table arrangement vertical arrangement and vertical scroll arrangement this tools helps us to make our application interface better like you can select any of the arrangement to place your ads like we can add our banner ad in our application by dragging the horizontal arrangement on top or below the application like this you can see in your image and different tools are meant for different the purpose you can use all these tools and see what will be the result and you can find it a better way to make your application look good.


In this component, we can find a variety of tools like camp recorder camera image picker player sound recorder speech recognition text to the speech video player and Yandex translator.

You can use these tools to make your application functional for example you can make a video player and you can drag the player from the components area and drop it to the screen of the application maker through which this function can be easily worked out.

Drawing & Animation

In this component, you can use different tools like ball canvas image Sprite which tools can be used for drawing and painting application purpose you can make a drawing application for children's.


These components come with different tools like accelerometer sensor barcode scanner clock gyroscope cope sensor location a sensor near a field orientation sensor pedometer proximity sensor.

This sensor can be used to make your application more functionality like you can add barcode scanner to your application which can help people to find the barcode and search so this can be a barcode scanner app and if you want you can use your more creativity to make this app better.

These are the few components I wanted to talk about and you can take a look and overview of this website from your mobile or or you can use your laptop to view this and you can use different different components and tools to make your App creative and different from others so that users can find this a very helpful and they can have maximum downloads and you can earn from it a lot of money how much you can't expect even

I just wanted you to who introduced this website so that you can start earning from Google Play Store and by this process you can earn lots of money by publishing your ads in application and if you want I can make another blog on AdMob so you can refer those tips and trick which I have considered and you can take all the benefits of this Blog by subscribing our YouTube channel if you love the Hindi language to understand link is given here please click to subscribe.

If you found anything valuable in this blog article then please share this blog article with your friends and families to let them know how they can earn from app making without learning to code.


In this blog article, we have learned what is Thunkable and how we can earn from making an app for free of cost and how some components and tools work in Thunkable we have learned and the basic the functionality of some tools like sensor drawing animation we have speak on in this blog so that everyone can understand easily how they can make a application for free of cost without investing a single penny.
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