How to make an application without coding

How to make an application without coding

Hi guys it's me Sagar again and in this blog we are going to talk about how to make an application without coding and today's blog is going to be and very easy and most effective way to make your application and you can earn lots of money from it by publishing it on Google Play Store so let's begin with the article and if you want more knowledge then you can comment me below and ask for that block I shall work on it and I will provide you the blog.
Make an application
Make an application

so guys talking about application without coding it's very simple and easy you don't have to do any sort of work only you have to copy and paste few things that's the easiest way that you can make an application without coding so I have a website called as which is is very much popular all over the world and it allows the user to create their application in very simple steps so let's begin with the simple steps to create an application without coding.

Step number 1

Search the website called Appsgeyser in Google search bar or you can click the link ok.
after visiting this site you will find a simple interface where you have to log in to the site through your Facebook ID or your Google ID you just have to click on login and you have to allow it to get logged in to the website after that you can get started with the varieties of ab to create.

Step number 2

When you see the website interface it will show you or dashboard where you can search some application such as YouTube or some other type of application and it will provide you a Pre prepaid application where you just have to name the app and you just have to add a source code means for example if you have a new YouTube channel then you have to copy the YouTube channel link and paste to the source code where you can test the application online if you have a proper data.
App without coding
App without coding

Step number 3

It will ask you to add a logo or use a custom logo if you have a logo for your application its width and height should be 512 into 512 this is a standard width and height of a logo no you just have to upload the logo in the application and your application will be ready within a seconds and then you can just copy the barcode which is provided you in the website and after that you can just download it with the help of your mobile.

Step number 4

Download Google lens and scan the barcode which is provided on the website and your ready to download your application you just have to allow outside source in your mobile is and then you can use this application which is made by you you and you can check all the things and functions that are available in your application I think you might get an idea about how you can create an application with the help of app geyser and you can also make a numbers of application with the help of Appgeyser.


guys in Appsgeyser you can make several applications but one thing you must remember that if you make an application with the help of Appsgeyser then you have to share your revenue with Appsgeyser for example if you make $10 then it will keep $5 with him.

How Appgyser gets benefited

Get whenever a customer opens your application first aid will see your advertisement which is provided by AdMob or other source and then when the customer closes the application and later on when it opens it will show the app geyser advertisement in your application this is how the app geyser makes money.

I hope that you have got an idea about how to make an application with app geyser and if you like this blog then please share with your friends and family thank you to read these blog guys thank you.
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