What is Disclaimer page and Why It is Required for website

What is Disclaimer page and Why It is Required for website

What is a disclaimer, why is it so important and who needs it? Learn how you can easily create a disclaimer for your website to avoid potential liability.
What is Disclaimer page and Why It is Required for website
What is Disclaimer page and Why It is Required for website

Hi guys welcome back to the blog in this blog we are going to see what is the use of disclaimer page in your web site it may be in WordPress or it may be in blogger but disclaimer page is must why and how we will see in this blog so keep reading this blog.

Disclaimer page is a page which declares that what kind of material are you providing in your web site it may be e knowledge or educational material so you must declare your website as what type of content are you providing in your website so that Google can understand how you will provide the content to your users or visitors and what kind of benefit are the getting

According to Google AdSense

Everyone or most of them create the website to earn money and Google AdSense is a big ad network which provides you money E for your content what you are providing in the website so Google AdSense takes a visit to your website and see you have this kind of pages or not because disclaimer page is also one of the most important pages which should be present in your website while your giving your websites detail in the disclaimer page and it helps the Google AdSense to approve you because it will get to know about your website lake what is the URL and what will be the name of your website and some other factors may be seen by the Google AdSense before giving an approval to you to show ads on your website

How to create disclaimer page for your website

Guys, you can watch my video which is in the Hindi language and if you are comfortable then you can watch the full video and you can create it.

First of all you have to go to the website which link is given here click here to go and here you have to enter your website name your website URL your country your state and other provinces and this all are the details needed by the website and it's totally free and you can go and create your own disclaimer page.


  1. In this blog, we have seen the use of Disclaimer Page on the website it is for all kinds of websites it may be Bogger or Wordpress it does not matter.

  2. We have also seen the use of disclaimer page in point of view of google Adsense because revenue is the reward you get after you make the website it totally depends on you.

  3. We have seen How to make a Disclaimer page automatically without any difficulty and it was free of cost and link is also given in the page.
These all are the main highlights of this blog so I hope you got some knowledge about the Disclaimer page and how it affects your websites please share this blog on your social media Handel 

 Thank you.
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