How I Got Google Adsense Account Approval

How I Got Google Adsense Account Approval

Adsense Account Approval


Friends in this blog I will be sharing my experience how I got my Google AdSense Account approved for my blog website. You can get some knowledge through my experience so that you don't have to suffer through this problem so let's begin with the blog.

Things you need to know before you apply

First of all, I have only written 23 blog article like this but before you start writing your article you have to follow these things.
  1. The article must be at least 300 words and it can extend up what you want. 
  2. The article must contain 1 or 2 images relating to your blog.
  3. Your content (article) should not be copied form other blogs.
  4. Your blog must have unique visitors.
This is the few tips you must follow before you submit your site for review. 

About My Blog website

I have completed 1month with this blog website and I write a blog post every day so that my website has some content and I can bring visitors to my blog.

I have shared my blog post on different social networking site like.

I have submitted my website on different Webmaster Tools like

This is the top search console through which you can receive huge visitors.

I have submitted my website to Google Adsense for review late nights 1:30 am and I received a mail from google on the next day 4:45 pm so you can say that I got Google Adsense approval within 48 hours.

I made my blog website on Blogger and if you need a free website then you can read this article click here.

You might have a question like what kind of Google Adsense I have?

I have fully approved Google Adsense ( None Hosted ).

If you have a custom domain then you can get a fully approved Google Adsense, But you don't have to pay for the hosting because Blogger is a Googles product so it is free for all.


In this blog, we have discussed the tips to get your blog website approved by Google Adsense.

I have let you know how I bring traffic to my blog website so you can also follow the same process.

I have shared my experience of how I got my blog website approved by Google Adsense.

Do you have a blog website? let me know in the comment.
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