Blogger SEO Settings 2021

Blogger SEO Settings 2021: In this article, we are going to see how to do the SEO setting for Blogger Post and how to make your website article rank on the search engine so let us start with the simple steps to rank your blog post.

First, the most thing is to go to your Blogger account and login with your Gmail id and then you have to click on the Setting option shown in this Blogger and you can find an 8 option from where you have to select the Search Preference option which is shown in the 5th option in the setting side.

Blogger SEO Settings
Search Preference

Now you have to provide your Metatags description to the blogger which helps your blog to rank in the search engine.

What is Meta Tags

Metatags are the tags or you can say keywords that help the search engine to know about your Blog Niche and rank your website, You have to be care full about your Metatags description where you can write only 150 characters Metatags in your blog.

Metatags description

Now let’s talk about the last most important setting you should do in your Blogger account to rank in the search result is to set your blog Custom robots header tags you might have a dought how to set don’t worry its totally easy you just observe the image given below and just copy the same setting ok.

Custom robots header tags

I hope you have learned something from this article and if you have any doughts regarding this please leave a comment I will definitely answer your question If you want you can watch our video on youtube but the video is in Hindi language.


  • In this article, we have learned how to do setting on blogger to rank your article in the search engine.
  • We have discous about what is Metatags description and how to write Metatags and what is the importance of Metatags in a Blog.
  • We have also discussed how to enable Custom robots header tags in your blogger account.

Blogger SEO Settings 2021 Querry Solved

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